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Environmental, Social and Governance, ESG. At Thumbprints, ESG is about more than just good intentions and publishing reports; it's about making meaningful, long-lasting changes through sustainable practices. Today, ESG is not just something we do but has become a part of our identity. We are continuously reviewing and improving our ESG efforts so that we can make genuine, tangible contributions to our community, environment and business.
Founding The Company
We understand the importance of our role as a manufacturer to care for and put in serious effort to protect the environment.
Management system
We comply with Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and ISO 14001 standards and are audited annually.
Founding The Company
Carbon Footprint
At Thumbprints, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint, energy consumption, and waste discharge.
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant – treats our waste water to be harmless and comply with effluent Standard A.
  • Solar Panel- 90% of our building’s roof is covered with solar panels, generating renewable energy.
  • Recycling – All non-hazardous waste such as waste paper, shrink-wrap films, used plates and so on are segregated and sent for recycling by authorized specialists.
Carbon Footprint
Promoting Green Choices
We encourage customers to adopt greener options through below steps.
  • Simplify designs, minimize waste, and replace plastics
  • Use more environmetally friendly, recyclable materials.
  • Recommend FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) graded paper.
To align ourselves with the market demand, we have joined PREPS, Publishers Database for Environmental Paper Sourcing; they keep us in line with the constantly evolving requirements set by pioneering publishers.
Green Choices
Reduce Plastic Usage
In our day-to-day operations, we take steps to reduce plastic usage by using paper options wherever possible -- from the manufacturing process all the way through to logistics.
To align ourselves with the market demand, we have joined PREPS, Publishers Database for Environmental Paper Sourcing; they keep us in line with the constantly evolving requirements set by pioneering publishers.
Reduce Plastic Usage
Go Green Committee
Part of our initiative is our Go Green Committee which was formed in 2007 and continues its effort to create 5R awareness among our staff through campaigns and trainings.
Go Green Committee
Founding The Company
We take seriously the welfare of our people, workplace health and safety, and our relationships with people and institutions in our community.
Social Compliance
Every year, Thumbprints undergoes :
  • SMETA 4 pillars- stands for Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit. The assessment ensures Labour Standards, Health & Safety, Environment and Business Ethics practices are in accordance to local laws and international standards.
  • Ecovadis- assesses enviromental, labour, human rights, Ethics, sustainable procurement.
  • Customers' social audits- compliances required by major customers at home and abroad.
Social Compliance
Social Compliance
Community Enterprise
Thumbprints has adopted the role of a community enterprise by putting our social objectives at the center of our operation. Our profits are distributed to our staff through incentives, staff welfare & benefits, profit-sharing plan, and so on. Our profit goes back to our employees because they are our biggest asset.
Principles and Guidelines
We are committed to:
  • Zero tolerance to sexual harassment
  • No forced labor
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Safe, healthy and hygienic working conditions
  • Healthy working hours that complies to local law
  • Equal opportunities
  • Freedom of association
  • No child labour
  • Human rights
Member of United Nations Global Compact
As part of our commitment to building a sustainable future, Thumbprints has joined the United Nations Global Compact. As members, we are required to submit an annual Communication-on-Progress about our efforts in implementing the Ten Principles covering the 4 core areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.
For more information, check out
United Nations Global Compact
Founding The Company
At Thumbprints, we foster long-term partnerships with our staff, suppliers and customers through transparent businesss conducts. Honesty and integrity are our core principles to cultivate a culture of trust and reliability.
Governing System
Thumbprints became the first printer in Malaysia to be certified by SIRIM Bhd for ISO 37001 Anti-bribery standard in 2020. We have been practising self-governance since 1997 but the ISO 37001 adds a further level of rigour, matching our practices to international standards.
Zero Corruption Committee
Since the inception of our Zero Corruption Commitee (ZCC) in 2011, the team has been monitoring and supervising the implementation of the anti-bribery management system, as well as conducting awareness campaigns and trainings for all our staff.
Zero Corruption Committee
Enhancing internal awareness
Zero corruption is promoted throughout the company via:
  • Trainings
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Company T-shirt
  • Car stickers
  • Company lorries and vehicles
  • Posters and banners
 internal awareness
Promoting Zero Corruption externally
Externally, we share our philosophy and business practices to inspire other business leaders and business associates, through awareness trainings , talks at business events, interviews by newspapers and radios, and so on.
Promoting Zero Corruption externally
Procedure and policy
Thumbprints's business ethics and transparency are governed by a set of written procedures and policies which includes:
  • Anti-bribery handbook
  • No cheat, no lie, no bribe principle
  • Code of business ethics policy
  • Gift, hospitality and entertainment procedure
  • Whistleblowing procedure
  • Donations, sponsorship, contributions procedure
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