Growing Business Together
We believe in the power of partnerships, and that by focusing our efforts, we can all grow together.
Annual Raw Material Testing   Bill of Materials Checking   Final Product Testing

Continuous Improvement

  Our teams have embraced the spirit of Kaizen, the philosophy of continous improvement. We are always searching for better ways to improve our quality, processes, products and ultimately user satisfaction. Through implementing ISO 9001, R&D, lean manufacturing, and training hours that we upskill all of our staff so that we can continually better our offering to you.

Enquiry Consultation

  We do more than just what is asked of us when responding to requests for quotations. Where possible we offer ideas and suggest improvements that will meet your specifications as efficiently as possible. We are always on the lookout for new products and processes that enable our customers to differentiate themselves in highly competitive markets. We will work hand in hand with you to bring your idea to life.
Annual Raw Material Testing   Bill of Materials Checking   Final Product Testing

Product Development

  We love to develop new products -- from small scale to large. They could be ideas for promotional materials, improvement on existing products, or emerging market demand. Larger scale developments, especially for children's books can take 2-3 years to develop. They are put through a series of tests and assessments, so that we can help guiding you in making the product of your own.


  Driven by the rising awareness among consumers, corporate social responsibility, and government legislation, product and material safety is more important than ever. Ensuring that products comply with all the relevant safety requirements has long been compulsory for children's books. At Thumbprints, we cross-check bill of materials, conduct annual testing on common raw materials and arrange safety testing on your final products for you. We work closely with safety labs for up-to-date advice and information. Product safety is becoming increasingly important all over the world and our years of experience producing materials for some of the most highly regulated markets ensures we have the ability to meet your needs.
Annual Raw Material Testing   Bill of Materials Checking   Final Product Testing

International Shipment

  Thumbprints has been exporting since 2002 and the twenty years of experience has given us the know-how to deliver efficiently to locations across the globe. We are experienced in handling projects with complex packing requirements as well as multi-destination consignments. 


  As well as our annual audits for ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO37001 and SEDEX 4 pillar, Thumbprints has also passed a number of customer driven audits including Ecovadis, Costco's Good Manufacturing Standard and Social Compliance, and Nestle's standard. We are also approved by many licences: Disney, Universal, Warner Bros., Peppa Pig, Pokemon, National Geography and more. These assessments are all carried out by 3rd party auditors ensuring their thoroughness and reliability.